Insights from over 20 years of driving cost reduction programs
The Agile Cost Advantage
With over 75% of cost reduction programs failing to deliver on the expected benefits, give yourself the Agile Cost Advantage
How to set your program up for success
A systematic four-stage approach to designing and executing a cost reduction program

Common causes of failure (and how to avoid them) 
Techniques for identifying cost reduction opportunities 
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The Agile Cost Advantage Four-Stage Strategic Framework
Our Agile Cost Advantage framework is based on our in-depth experience in cost reduction and performance improvement support.

We recommend businesses adopt a four-stage approach:
  • Set ambitious but realistic cost reduction targets
  • Identify and prioritise cost opportunities using a range of approaches
  • Develop clear project plans and associated financial targets for prioritised cost intiatives
  • Manage the ongoing delivery of the cost reduction program, and adapt to changes as they arise
At Zenith, we have spent the last 20 years helping businesses and private equity funds with performance improvement and turnaround support. A key part of our advisory work has been helping clients to structure and deliver successful cost reduction and performance improvement programs.
Based on this experience, we have distilled our insights into the Agile Cost Advantage. This is a four stage approach to cost reduction, which introduces a systematic approach to the overall delivery of cost reduction programs and eliminates common causes of program failure. The leads to greater and more enduring strategic value creation. This is why our clients typically achieve a return on program investment of 40-100x.
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